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Mobile Device Usage Stats

Mobile devices are now part of our every day lives. Many of us cannot live without them. This post contains some incredible stats about how this sector has exploded in the last few years alone.

So what is a mobile device? Basically it is either a tablet, like an iPad, or a smartphone, like an iPhone. Don't forget the other mobile OS like Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile or Windows 8.

We are at the stage now where business owners simply cannot ignore the mobile sector any longer. In the past it was fine just to have a great website but now your website must be usable on a mobile device.

But that is another blog post, maybe next week. Today lets look at some of these amazing stats. We will start with this video that I found on YouTube.

Next I want to share this graphic with you. It is from Microsoft and it contains some pretty outrageous mobile-related stats. My particular favourite is how 86% of mobile internet users are using their devices while watching TV. I know because I do this every night. Mobile devices are perfect for multi-tasking.

Check it out

Mobile device internet usership

Pretty impressive stuff. Talk to us today about your mobile strategy.