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Forrester - Understanding Responsive Design

We have been lucky enough to get our hands on this paper by Forrester. It discusses the emerging philosophy of responsive design and how it will affect your organisation in 2013.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design is a new approach to developing and designing websites. It allows your website to be optimally functional and presentable in a range of devices including mobile, tablet, laptop, hi-res monitor. There is nothing new in this as we see many websites doing this already for example The New Zealand Herald and

The beauty of the RD approach is that we do not need to change our underlying infrastructure to do it. We use RD to show and hide specific elements that are most suitable for the user's device.

The Forrester document contains more information on RD, including:

  • An introduction to responsive design
  • Understanding responsive design
  • Responsive design as a philosophy rather than a technology
  • The business case for responsive design
  • Obstacles to achieving responsive design
  • Is responsive design right for you?

RD is the big thing for 2013 as more and more people access the web through a range of devices. Check out this article from Mashable.

Have a read and contact us to learn more about how responsive design can help your organisation.