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Spreadit Generates Buzz Around Jewellery Brand

April 2013 saw the latest Spreadit campaign kick off for local high-end jewellery retailer Angela Daniel Jewellery.The Spreadit campaign coincided with last year's launch of the new ADJ website which was developed by Netfinity using the NopCommerce framework.

Spreadit campaigns use social media to create buzz about brands by facilitating real time sweepstakes. For this campaign we had some fantastic prizes to give away, around $7000 worth of jewellery.

The campaign was a huge success. A snapshot with stats and highlights is provided below.


Campaign dates: April 17, 18


Hourly prize (x 24) is a sterling-silver pendant worth $250 each. Winners choose 1 of 4 models.
Grand Prize is diamond studs value $2600.



Emails sent: 12,595
Click through: 1991 or 15.8%


Total registrations: 4979
New registrations: 2378 (18.8% increase on original database)

Brand Sentiment

Some comments on Facebook:

"What a lovely thing you guys at Angela Daniel Jewellery is doing. Pretty standard day at work today until I squealed like a little girl when I saw my name Awesome marketing"

"This would be a dream come true as I am getting married in 4 weeks and this would be the icing on the cake as we couldn't afford an engagement ring."

"Oh how nice of them to make somebody's day happy."

"Thank you all. I'm shocked as i never won anything in my life. So yeayyyyyyy."

"Yippee yay so so so super excited about this it's amazing. Thanks so much for being so incredibly generous."


Email a friend: 7305

  • 316 tweets containing #AngelaDanielJewellery
  • 62 New followers


  • actions: 1800
  • 236 Checkins
  • 118 Status with Location

Facebook Reach

Pre-campaign: 3,886 people
Campaign peak: 62,332 people

Facebook Page Views

Pre-campaign: 13 page views
Campaign peak: 4435 page views

Facebook – Talking About This

Pre-campaign: 9 people
Campaign peak: 1882 people

Facebook – Viral Reach

Pre-campaign: 193 people
Campaign peak: 58,949 people

Facebook – Check-ins

Pre-campaign: 0
Campaign peak: 250

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