Uni Care

Uni Care is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crombie Lockwood, New Zealands largest insurance broker and part of the Wesfarmers conglomerate. Uni Care specialises in offering travel insurance to the student market. The new website allows students to get a quote online and go ahead and purchase policies using the DPS payment gateway.


BASF New Zealand is the largest manufacturer of rural chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. The new website follows a strict design guideline from BASF headquarters. The website allows users to register to interact on the forum pages.

Supporting Families

Supporting Families is a non-profit designed to provide support to friends and family members of people with mental health issues. The website provides forums and resources (documents and videos) that registered members can "pin" to their account for later use. The site also has a full ecommerce shop.

Tourism Dunedin

Tourism Dunedin's regional tourism portal www.DunedinNZ.com contains a mash up of content pulled in real-time from various data sources including Toursim NZ, Bookit, Qualmark and TripAdvisor. Content is aggragated and manually managed using Sitefinity CMS.


LouvreTec are New Zealand and Australia's leading supplier of louvres and opening roof mechanisms. The website showcases the full range of products with concertina-based galleries. System runs on Sitefinity 3.7.


Protecta Insurance is owned by Allianz, one of the largest Insurance companies in the world. The ProtectaInsurance.co.nz is an eCommerce app that grabs pricing in real-time from the remote pricing engine via SOAP web service. The app can also be skinned to match reseller's branding.


Lumley is one of New Zealand's leading insurance companies. It's parent company, Wesfarmers is one of Australia's largest listed companies. Lumley.co.nz developed using Sitefinity CMS.


Kidicorp is New Zealand's largest private provider of child education with over 240 centres from Auckland to Dunedin. Kidicorp.co.nz developed using Sitefinity CMS


Auckland Racing's ticket store is developed using AbleCommerce with DPS Payment Express payment gateway.


Auckland-based Barworks own and manage 16 bars in Auckland and Christchurch. Barworks.co.nz and FunctionsAndEvents.co.nz have been developed using Sitefinity CMS.


Henkel operates worldwide with leading brands and technologies in three business areas: Laundry & Home Care, Cosmetics/Toiletries and Adhesive Technologies. In New Zealand the Sellotape.co.nz website showcases the product catalogue and locations of its retail merchants. Developed using Sitefinity CMS.


Tourism Waitaki operate under the Visit Oamaru brand. Their regional tourism portal was developed using Sitefinity CMS and draws data from thirs party accommodation vendor Bookit.


DB is on of New Zealands best known companies and owns some of the most recognised brands such as Heineken, Tui and Export Gold. The DB.co.nz website was developed using Sitefinity CMS.

NZ Rugby Foundation

The New Zealand Rugby Foundation uses its fan club at No8.co.nz to raise a considerable amount of support for injured rugby players and grass roots rugby. The No8.co.nz site has well over 10,000 registered fans and continues to be a hub for members to dicsuss all things rugby. Developed using Sitefinity CMS.

Green Gorilla

Green Gorilla is the retail brand of Kalista, a well knownoperator in the waste industry throughout New Zealand. Developed using Sitefinity CMS.

Tournament Parking

The Tournament Parking website was re-developed in 2011 to allow users to book and pay online. Users can also search for their nearest car park using the Google Maps API. Developed using Sitefinity CMS.


Lifemark is a New Zealand Government funded initiative. The Lifemarkā„¢ is an independent seal of approval awarded to homes that have been designed and built to achieve specific quality design standards which prove they are easy and safe to live in - for a lifetime. Developed using Sitefinity CMS.

Compass Agri


Moretons is a favourite local watering hole in Auckland's seaside playground of St Heliers. Moretons is part of the Barworks portfolio of hospitality establishments.

Neat Meat


Think Differently

Huawei NZ